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Papa Mia is the tall tale of a sleepy college town that replaces its police with referrees.

The Wild Rose Festival of world music, Boomville’s signature cultural event, has to go virtual because of Covid. To fill the void, local activists cook up an alternative, Rosehip Fest, focused on live local music, local food and local control. The arrival of a world music group, Papa Mia (all children of sperm donors) only aggravates the competition between the community radio station and the university’s radio and TV empire. Complications arise when the police department is replaced by unemployed referees, so Boomville’s mayor commandeers the city’s armored vehicle to seek asylum. But it turns out that the town also has a role to play on the world stage, since Papa Mia’s drummer quit the Detour de France to save the planet and French culture, while getting revenge for Euro Disney.