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A completed screenplay, Christian-based- Genre- Supernatural based on actual historical event Fatima

George Davis and I have written a screenplay called, "Fatima."


This screenplay is the dramatic and true story of the Apparitions of Mary which appeared to three Portuguese children on six occasions from May 13 to October 13, 1917, the last day during which the world famous, "Miracle of the Sun," took place.

Are the children, Lucia, 10, Francisco, 9, and Jacinta, 7, telling the truth that they have seen Mary? If so, do the Apparitions announce to the world the existence of God?

The Prelate of Lisbon, Cardinal Mendez Belo thinks the children are lying, and calls in Doctor Manual Formigao, a noted authority on Mary, to go to Fatima to investigate, but more importantly, to expose them as frauds.

However, when Formigao begins his interviews, first with Jacinta, he is struck by the authenticity of their words and demeanor. He finds no evidence of lying by either Jacinta or her brother, Francisco; and when he begins his interview with Lucia, the only seer who speaks to the Apparition, she shocks him.

Doctor Formigao tells Lucia that many do not believe the children because only she and her cousins see the vision. There is no proof, and only their testimony that She has truly appeared to them, which cannot be proved.

The screenplay takes a dramatic turn when Lucia informs Doctor Formigao that she understands many do not believe them, and that is why she has asked the Apparition to perform a miracle, The Apparition replies that She will perform a miracle on October 13, exactly at noon, "...so that all may believe."

News of Lucia's prediction travels throughout all Portugal. Scientists, news reporters, clergy, and common citizens all flock to Fatima on that day in anticipation of witnessing the miracle the Apparition has predicted. In a driving rainstorm, over 70,000 come to Fatima, and what happens exactly at midday is a supernatural event like no other event ever recorded in the history of mankind.

This screenplay is a dramatic telling of the Fatima story, and our screenplay will make for an exciting film right to the end, leaving viewers stunned and awestruck by what they witness on the screen. Produce it! It will stand next to "Passion of Christ," as one of the most financially successful Christian movies of all time.


George Davis is the author of "Coming Home," which became an Oscar-winning film starring Jane Fonda and Jon Voight.
Victor Cino has written a dramatic novel called, "Little Gangster," which received rave reviews.

We are prepared the entire completed screenplay electronically upon request. Thank you for reading.

Victor Cino - 917-923-6193