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Researched a pre-war court case re: free speech and Soviets

Hi there, I am researcher and a lawyer, currently focusing on court cases from inter-war Poland. I have a court case from 1936 that led to a great national strike in 1937. There is a press company at stake (the from-zero-to-hero type, in 1936 the biggest press title in Poland). Witnesses and participants of the dispute have complex personalities. The court is wise, freedom of the press spectacularly defended. The case concerns communist indoctrination in a newspaper recommended for young pupils by the ministry. The ministry did not yet understand how Soviet indoctrination works, new methods were just emerging. Soviet embassy was suspected to be behind the scandal and provided the materials. The law in question, which defended the press, was well written. The case took only 2 hearings, with over 20 witnesses. The judges showed a remarkable independence and control over the process. One of the lawyers was a douche. He then became a famous author of literature for children. There is a female character - a woman, who will soon become one of Stalin's favorite politicians. An interesting, ambivalent type of traitor. A dark character. She revealed many of the lies told to the court and the public, but only after the war, safely behind the Iron Curtain. All of this is purely fact-based.

Contact me if you want to use it, I will be happy to help bring it to any screen. I am bilingual, Polish and English. All materials for the story are in Polish.