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The Catalyst - It will take forgiveness, help from an unexpected group, and her special abilities to

In a time when certain people are gifted with speed, strength, and agility, JADE WILLIAMS has a rare blood type and is the only known person who posses all three abilities. While family is gathered together at the Williams house, four visitors VICTOR SANTIAGO, MARIA EVANS, and the Russian twins, BORIS and MAX arrive to take Jade away. Before entering the house, Victor is given the order to kill the rest of the family members. Jade’s older brother, CHRISTOPHER works for Victor and his father CARLOS SANTIAGO in their genetics research department. Christopher, with special abilities of his own, gives his life to save his sister. With no one knowledge Christopher and Maria are secretly working together but their plan takes a turn when the family is killed and there’s nothing Christopher can do to save his family. Christopher is drugged and shot by Maria as Jade witnesses everything. The group leaves without finding Jade before the police arrive.

Years later, Jade goes to works for a secret agency using her abilities on secret mission. She gets a mission to rescue a renowned geneticist, JAMIE MONROE who was taken to a remote island. It’s on this mission Jade finds out Maria, who’s responsible for killing her brother and family might be on the island as well. Jade, with the help of her team DIRECTOR WALLCE, WILL and CARTER, they rescue the scientist and begin to find out that things were not as they thought they were. Dr. Monroe is able to provide them with important information of what he was working on and the purpose of it. He provides detailed information that Jade was the key to the entire operation before everything could be completed. The doctor tells them that her blood would be used to create a massive army if Carlos was able to replicate her DNA.

Understanding the importance of keeping Jade save, Director Wallace orders her to lay low until they could find a way of preventing a war. While taking time off, Jade attends her uncle and aunt’s wedding anniversary party. Men crash the party and are able to take Jade away. Jade wakes up in an abandon warehouse. Victor, Maria, the Russian twins and MR. ALEXANDER (Christopher) are with her. Before taking blood samples, Mr. Alexander, injects nano tracers into Jade’s blood without anyone noticing. He tracks and locates the unknown research facility where the army is being created. Time passes and it’s at a masquerade ball that Jade finds out her brother is still alive and he’s been working with Maria the entire time. Jade faces the facts that her brother lied and their family was murdered because of him. She also realizes she has to work with her brother and Maria if she’s going to have a chance at stopping Carlos and his team. After they prevail at stopping Carlos, Carter shows us he’s been a spy for the United States government without anyone’s knowledge.