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A physcological mystery post apocalyptic film: Death Horizon

This is free to use! But please notify me at: Teshiku445@gmail.com, i will tell you the final twist, as i want to keep it a secret.


In 2036 in russia, the federation makes camps to protect people from a virus.

The camps are spread out in a snow desert, there are 6 camps.

Camps R1-R6.

A man from R1, he is named R1-1 He is refered to as the chosen one by the other escapes,
escapes the camp and runs into the desert.

He finds a ghost town: Morgeher, which he finds 2 escapies: R3-27 and R3-17.

All people in the camps are brain washed to forget why they are there, and they are given a random name with the
entrance code of the person, and the camp code.

They run to find new life, but find random things: A candy town, a fantasy town made of candy, an empty replica of