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Logline: Five years after Earth makes a deal out of desperation with an alien race to save humanity, they find themselves at war with their saviours.

Synopsis: Set in Brooklyn, New York, after the deadly ‘Crisis 19’, a global
pandemic covers the Earth, and threatens to abolish nearly all
human life, an alien race called the Isopods show up. While
Earth takes the vaccine they offer, what do they want in return?
A chance to walk amongst of us and live with us in peace and
harmony for five years. Also, 50% of all-natural resources,
minerals, and governments so they can build a new home on
another planet, Mars.
The President of the United States sanctions their stay, the rest
of the world follows.
The vaccine gives some human beings, especially the young,
superhero powers and unique abilities.
Nearing the very end of the five years, suspiciously, their alien
leader dies. His wife, the Isopods new leader, Opium, asks for
an extension of the five years. Another five years.
The President of the United States disagrees.
To lure Earth into saying Yes, they offer us something that they
think humanity will find irresistible, an Immortality Serum.
This leads to The Big Vote on Earth. ‘No’ swings the vote and an
attempt on the President’s life is made by the Isopods. They fail.
This initiates a bloody and brutal World War 3.
The Isopods lose the war and they take whatever is left of their
alien race to Mars, claiming that Earth murdered their original
leader and vowing vengeance.
Now, a gifted teenager and young orphan called Dora, decides
to join a special army force called ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T’ whose job it is
the protect Earth and its border.
During training, she meets other gifted teenagers and makes
good and cool friends. Though, the real reason for the war is
revealed and threatens life on Earth…

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