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production ossibility

I am called Mack Jordan Batumbu Mukete. I am a Cameroonian and I have written 2 movies. From your description I thing one of the movies are of your interest. Titled ‘THE DREAMER’ the characters are quite quirky and most of their potrail include ; love, anger, comedy, betrayal, fear, revenge, confidence and culture.
Most activities that would be taking place in the movie also includes ; football match, modelling, poems display, an artist and a vocalist display and home economics.
This movie has characters like; the Artist, the Dreamer, THE JOKER, the Adviser, the talker, The lover, the footballer and the poet. These are the main people staring the movie.
This movie is all about a girl who sleeps and when she dreams it comes to pass. And in her formal school most of her classmates has succeeded in life while others haven’t so most of them are trying to use her gift as a means of revenge. The dreamer is a makeup artist for models . the adviser is her best friend who is a model. The footballer wants to use her bcuz he was not successful in his career. The joker is a comedian and a model as well and he is filled with tricks and words which makes people laugh. The lover is a star of a dancing team. And the talker was a waiter who became the manager of the modeling team. Oh one more person. The poet who is very influential and in love with the dreamer. Now all these people have one thing in common that is me!!! I am the Artist they love my music and I am outstanding in it. This is just a brief hint om how the movie looks like as it goes on there are many things to be seen.
I hope you choose this movie its going to be a heat and we have actors as well if u need them.