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Dramatic Musical Film

I wrote the whole script email me if you are interested

The treatment:

After loosing their parents in a tragic accident,and rejected by the family because they were adopted, David and Talia move in with their father's best friend, oblivious of what had gone down between the family members. Prior to the burial, truths were revealed, arguments were held and with the help of Jim Miguel, the burial was conducted successfully. After a while, Mr. Jim Miguel is charged to court for the murder of a young police inspector and is found guilty as charged and sentenced to death. The children are now transferred to an orphanage home but, it didn't take long before the occasional seizure which Talia experiences once in a while attack her again. After a battle to save her life, Talia dies leaving David all alone. David makes a friend named Jack who comforts him and takes his mind off his sister's death by playing music with him. Soon, a little girl by name Emma is brought into the orphanage home and David sees her, due to her striking resemblance with his late sister, he runs and hugs her and screams her name making the little girl terrified but before any more damage is done, The reverend sisters in the orphanage think David and Jack had planned the whole "prank", to gain popularity and they punish them but David was silent throughout the whole punishment. Jack kept complaining about how David had gotten them into trouble but the young lad was still quiet. After a while, David introduces himself to Ella and the both of them become very good friends which made Jack jealous because, he thought that Emma had taken his best friend away from him. Sooner than they expected, Emma is adopted and it made Jack really happy because, he was not going to share his best friend anymore.
Years later, they were done with school and had gotten a job to sing at a local restaurant, on one occasion, David and Jack have a conversation about Emma and Jack promises to get in touch with Emma on David's behalf. True to his words, he contacted some old friends at the orphanage who helped him locate Emma's foster parents when he got there, he was told that Emma was living on her own and he was directed to her. He arrived at her house and is marveled by the sight of what he saw. Emma came down and they both talked, she didn't object the idea of being friends with them. Jack made a joke about David wanting to get married to Emma immediately he heard that he had found her, but Emma gave him the shock of his life, she told him that she needed someone who knew the meaning of family and that she was very lucky to be adopted but despite the fact, she still feels that she is adopted and to her, it is a deficiency, that she preferred to live as a single woman for the rest of her life than build a family with someone who did not live a normal life with his biological parents. Jack knew that the statement Emma had made would hurt David so much so, he decided to keep it to himself and not say anything to David about it. After a while, they became really successful and they got recognition from a good number of people and on one occasion when Jack's phone was ringing, David answered the call and when he was done, he was about to drop the phone when he saw a social media message on Jack's phone from Emma. He tried to contain his anger but he failed and that caused a huge turn around in their musical career. They quarreled and later on, David went on television to defame Jack, he called him a racist. Jack on the other hand became a drunkard, and was really depressed while David made all the wads from Music. He (David) finally gets to Emma and she repeats the same statement which left David's jaw on the ground. David reflected all he had said about Jack and regrets it. Jack was in jail for knocking off a kid while driving in a drunken state. David offered to pay for the child's treatment and also awards him and his siblings scholarship to finish their education. He stated the fact on the television show where he had first defamed Jack and later went to the prison to visit Jack and bail him out, he apologizes and Jack forgives him and tells him that he is the only family he has. David takes Jack to the rehab and soon, Jack is well again, they both perform a song they had written when they were children in the orphanage and then, they become really really famous and more successful.