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Re: Looking for Spec

Title: Mamaz Baby

Genre: Black Action Comedy


In this flick Mama Lu; a promiscuous and overly protective bossy biddy may finally see a dream come true. Yep, all of her fruitful days of twatt slangin may soon come to an end if her eighteen year-old daughter Destiny graduates from College the Lawyer she wants her to be and gets them out the hood.

And with her pride and joy already enrolled into one of the State's most elite Universities, she can finally leave her worries behind. That is until her ex; a player called Icy Slim, picks up Destiny and takes her to his favorite hangout to discuss her bright and promising future.

Unfortunately, she soon finds out that he is living a double life when a Jamaican called Snow; madder than a fire ant chewing on a rhinoceros's hot chaffed a**, pays them an unexpected visit along that thin line of, 'Where's my s***!'

The plot thickens and Slim finds himself in 'deep dookie' when Snow kidnapps Destiny and gives him until 8:00 p.m. to either come up with the Benjamin's or kiss the 'dream' goodbye.

And without any involvement from the cops, he will have no choice but to tell Mama Lu that the love of her life has been abducted and it's all his fault...

But in order to meet the challenge they will have to 'bury the hatchet' and unite forces to find her. And as the clock tics and the sun sets they turn the hood upside down and inside out to get her back. Can they do it?