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A Saga From The Stars

A multiverse at war, a last choice plan, a program created to train and modify selected children throughout the galaxies. They are turned into warriors, the final hope civilization has for a growing evil the lurks in the distance, preparing to consume all life.

There are over a dozen stories in this saga, these are the first 3 I wrote.

The first story is a building character story, the children are selected, they train and grow to teenagers. Their are battles and some loss, but the slower of the trilogy.

The 2nd story begins immediatly after the first, their training is cut short when war emerges so close to home. They are warriors now and are sent off to fight and die. The kids grow to young adults in this story. Tons of battles, and loss, fast paced story.

The 3rd story takes place after after 2nd story. The final and close of this story about these characters, the lurking evil begins to attack, a darkness, an energy unbeatable, they must find a way and destroy the dakness and save humanity, but at a serious cost, so much battles and loss in this story, it is a strong tear marker.

Their are many more stories in this saga, the whole saga spans over 8,000 years. Their are side stories, chronicles, sequels and prequels. So many characters, galaxies, planets, weapons, ships. I began writing these when I was 23, I created a multiverse filled with so much creative thought. This is a fabulous realm of creation that is sure to indulge people of all ages,.