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A Fabulous Mind

Hi, my names Andrew Parsons and none of you know me, well that's because I never could get my **** together and get myself out there, I wasted 20 **** years trying to find myself and never really succeeded. When I was 8 uears old I wrote my first trilogy of stoeies, they were terribly but I achived that a 8. Noone ever read them because I put them up and never looked at them again. At 10 I began to write poems, at 12 I began to play music and later found that I could not just play one but all instruments. At 12 I became a instrumentalist I continued to write poetry and songs, 100's of songs. At 15 I began making movies and writing scripts. At 16 I recorded my first 4 track cassette recording, once again I did nothing with it to get me out there. By the time I was 25 I had written a dozen stories, 6 movie scripts, over 100 complete songs, produced 5 CD's and 10 Cassette tapes, created my own record label and talk show ppdcast before they existed, tons of poems and random writings. What a Fabulous mind. That continues to create and create, a mind that cant get a break in. My mimd never turns off and when I was young it was unbearable but now I have learned how to cope with a mind like mine. A fabulous mind.