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Hell's Angel. A horror script.

Hell’s Angel.
A police detective and a 370-year-old warlock, fight to save the township of
Fairfax Haven, Connecticut from a revengeful witch, killing the descendants of the town, who burnt her at the stake in 1650.

Set in the U.S.

In the small town of Fairfax Haven, Connecticut, warlock turned white witch, Samuel Andrews is over 370 years old. He has travelled the world, learnt new things and tricks, as well as becoming wealthy. His health declining, he needs all his wits and magic to deal with the accidental resurrection of the last witch he witnessed being burnt at the stake in 1650. Sarah Owens is now taking her revenge on the descendants of the villagers who stood and watched her burn. Her only trouble is one of the descendants she’s looking for is Lieutenant Mike Enstone. With the help of Andrews, Enstone aims to send her back to hell, permanently. Can they do it?