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Julie 2.0


A suburban soccer mom with an erased memory must regain her dormant skills as a master assassin to rescue the President’s daughter while teaching her own daughter the skill of the trade.


A Master Assassin

Fifteen years ago, Julie was the rising star of an international mercenary team. Her mission, with partner Siobhan, was to terminate “Double-K” (Julie’s half-sister). The mission failed. Siobhan was suffering morning sickness from her pregnancy using an ovum from Julie that was fertilized in vitro by Siobhan’s husband Vincent. Team leader Evelyn received word of Double-K’s location, a school where she held several children hostage. Julie was ordered to stand down, but could not resist the opportunity to finally settle a long-held grudge. The mission ended badly and Julie’s memory was erased. Her new identity…

A Suburban Soccer Mom

Julie (known as Sally) now lives with a balding nerd of a husband and Ruby, her doting 10-year-old daughter. She is blissfully unaware of her high-octane past. But when Double-K, thought to be long dead, kidnaps the First Daughter, the decision is made to reactivate Julie; who has to reconcile her past life with an unfamiliar present. Evelyn and Vincent decide to take Ruby along, as she has a half-sibling; 14-year-old Kahala from the now-deceased Siobhan. Kahala, an accomplished martial arts and weapons expert, is eager to teach her newfound sibling the skill of the trade. Ruby surprises everyone with her ability to quickly adapt and learn.

An Old Adversary

Vincent and Julie lead a team to defeat Double-K and her band of terrorists. Double-K knows Julie well enough to cover her tracks, sending them on “wild goose chases.” Ultimately, Julie accomplishes her mission to rescue the First Daughter while killing Double-K’s team. Unbeknownst to Julie, however… her victory was not complete. Double-K survived and is being treated in a terrorist-run hospital. While recuperating, Double-K contemplates strategies for luring Julie into another battle. Julie’s new focus, however, is on rekindling her pre-Siobhan relationship with Vincent and raising her two young mercenaries.

An Uncertain Future

The younger Julie never wanted to be a mother. Donating eggs to Siobhan meant nothing to her at the time. Today, Julie has two offspring: Ruby and Kahala. Will Julie be successful in her complicated role of mother and trainer? Evelyn, decades earlier, assumed the same role when she rescued a young, orphaned Julie. Perhaps history might repeat itself?