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Eastern Union


The owner of a failing hotel becomes host to a trio of Russian women illegally smuggled into the country. He has to protect them from the Russian Mafia, Homeland Security, and his horny employees.


Following the death of his father, TOMMY MARSHALL inherits the family hotel. Entirely unqualified to run the establishment, it is soon on the verge of bankruptcy. Tommy’s incompetence and his “dumb and dumber” staff of employees only make matters worse. Tommy’s brother HARRY is a military man, deployed at a diplomatic post in Moscow. Harry serves his country by day as a diplomatic attaché, and serves himself by night with a thriving black market enterprise. Harry finds the profits from his criminal enterprise threatened when the Russian police harass his partner, who threatens to shut down their lucrative “establishment.” Not only does Harry face the potential loss of his black market income, he receives word from Tommy that the hotel is on the verge of bankruptcy. Harry suddenly has the “brilliant” idea of smuggling some Russian “bar girls” to the USA to work in the hotel.

Smuggled illegally into the USA on a Russian aircraft, IRINA, LUDMILLA and OKSANA arrive, along with Irina’s 10-year-old daughter NATASHA. After a confrontation with Russian mobsters, the girls arrive at the hotel expecting “real” jobs. Unfortunately, Tommy was late receiving Harry’s advance warning and is clueless as the scenario unfolds. Tommy has the seemingly impossible task of keeping the girls out of trouble, protecting them from the bad guys, keeping his horny employees at bay, and warding off a snooping immigration official. When he learns that one of the girls has fallen madly in love with him, Tommy struggles to keep his distance from her while keeping his petulant fiancé JULIE in the dark.
Turning Point: When it seems Tommy has all of the proverbial spinning plates balanced, Harry’s criminal enterprise is discovered by his military commanders and an investigation begins.

The authorities (and the bad guys) bear down on Tommy and it seems he might lose everything. Tommy manages to find a solution to save the girls, keep the family business alive, and lives happily ever after. Or, so it would seem. Harry manages to escape prosecution by feigning mental illness and returns home honorably discharged with full medical benefits. Unbeknownst to Tommy, Harry didn’t arrive home alone. He is accompanied by his Russian mafia partner and a couple dozen more Russian “bar girls.”