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Daddy’s Dirty Girl


A woman hell-bent on living a hedonistic, self-destructive life reaches out to her father in order to quell her personal demons, but memories of her childhood abuse stand in the way.


A hidden secret…

Sophia kept a secret hidden for years. After her parents’ explosive divorce, her mother’s boyfriend destroyed her innocence. Since then, she lived a lifestyle far removed from her conservative upper-middle-class upbringing.
A cry for help…

Desperate to bury the proverbial skeletons, but unsure how… she takes drastic measures to get her father Kenneth’s attention. She tracks him to his favorite gentleman’s club and walks on stage wearing only an elaborate tattoo.

An attempted rehabilitation…

With the help of his assistant MADISON, who has firsthand knowledge of the pain that Sophia is feeling, Kenneth commits Sophia to a rehabilitation facility. She faces her core issue: hatred of her mother for what she suffered.

An attempted homicide…

Sophia’s final solution is to obtain an illegal firearm so that she can kill her mother. After an emotional confrontation, she is ready to pull the trigger… but an unexpected discovery changes everything.