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Time After Time


After bad financial decisions cause a man to lose his home, his son discovers a portal through time in their new home. Father and son travel to the past to restore the family’s fortunes.


Riches to Rags…

William and Emma have to sell their home and move to a lower-income neighborhood to avoid bankruptcy. Their son Michael has a weird looking bed that is bolted to the floor. When he dozes off, he finds himself in the halls of an unfamiliar high school. The following night, his sister Mia jumps into his bed, afraid there may be mice in her room and is transported along with him. She realizes they are encountering their parents as teenagers.

Fantastic Discovery…

Michael and Mia convince their parents of the bed’s power and beg them to go back and fix the family’s situation. It is decided that William will go back with Michael, resulting in an unexpected change. William is now a multi-millionaire bachelor with a harem of girlfriends; including an A-list Hollywood actress. Michael is also seduced by this life, owning an expensive sports car and dating a gorgeous classmate.

Unforeseen Tragedy…

Michael crashes his car; killing his girlfriend. He is taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. Ironically, his surgeon is the woman that should be his mother. Emma, unencumbered by a husband or children after being dumped by William in high school, earned her medical degree. William arrives at the hospital and convinces Dr. Emma to release Michael.

A second chance…

William and Michael travel back in time, convincing his teen self that he is living proof of Einstein’s law of General Relativity. He hands his teen self a $300,000 (in present-day currency) diamond to win teen Emma back. Mission accomplished, he and Michael return to the present. However, things are not the same. Teen Emma wisely sold the ring, allowing her and William to not only pursue their post-graduate education but to raise a larger family in the process. Emma is now a doctor, and William the CEO of the company where he previously worked as a mid-level manager.