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Female Top Gun Pilot Gong Zhu (Princess) is abducted from China and smuggled to the Middle-East. Her military training helps her to escape and free the other captives.


Self-Made Woman…

Raised by a single father who died when she was in her teens, Gong Zhu had only her self-determination to escape the trailer park to become a success.

Better than any man…

The military taught her to fly. She taught herself to be the best pilot. When her squadron receives the latest fighter, she graduates training as number one in the squadron.

Loses her freedom …

En route to a celebratory dinner, Gong Zhu is kidnapped. She awakens in a foreign land, to be sold as a slave to a foreign potentate. It seems an impossibility to return to her life.

Refuses to be broken…

Out-manned and out-gunned, Gong Zhu uses her wits to strategize an escape from her dilemma. She gets free, via one of her captor’s F-16’s.

Regains her freedom…

And, empowered after escaping, she returns with a military team to put her captors to death and free the other captives.