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Frankenstein And Joey


Desperate to succeed in Hollywood before his ex-girlfriend gets her big break, an aspiring screenwriter conjures up the Frankenstein monster to help him break into the business. Literally and figuratively…


Joey… your life sucks!

Stuck in a job he hates, Joey crafts a screenplay using a pirated copy of Final Draft on his company’s network. His ex-girlfriend Annie, promoted over him as a network administrator, finds his script and delivers her expert opinion.

Joey… your script sucks!

Annie lands a lead role in an A-list production. Joey tosses and turns all night with Frankenstein nightmares. He pulls the monster out of his dreams and into reality, then begs him for help getting to Hollywood.

Joey… your plan sucks!

Joey flies to Hollywood with Frankenstein, but nobody will read an unknown’s script. Joey meets a pimp who agrees to finance Joey’s script as an indie (on the condition that his prostitutes be cast in starring roles).

Joey… your movie sucks!

The indie flops. Joey goes into an emotional rant about his failures and Annie’s stratospheric success. A film student captures Joey’s rant, surprisingly earning Joey the Best Actor In A Student Film Oscar®.

Joey… your success is, well…

At an after-party, the Jaws shark (another character from his nightmares) appears and chases him. Frankenstein breaks the news that the entire adventure was a figment of Joey’s imagination.