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Dream Lover


A workaholic with difficulty approaching beautiful women has a chance encounter with a mysterious yoga instructor. She has the power to control the dream world, using it to change his life.


JACK GANNON suffers from low self-esteem. He believes that no woman would ever fall in love with him. Acting on those thoughts guarantees his failure.

Even in his dreams, Jack is rejected by the women he desires. From his perspective, he got the brains while his younger brother MONTE got the looks (and a harem of girlfriends).

After failing to win the attention of office flirt LAURA LEVINE (who has a notorious reputation), Jack contemplates dying alone as a lonely loser.

Monte makes an off-handed comment that maybe taking a yoga class might help Jack to get laid. Jack takes that idea seriously and visits a yoga studio where he captures the attention of instructor DEVI PRASAD. Devi is not only an expert at yoga, but she has the power to control the dream world.

Devi falls for Jack’s naïve personality and takes him on as her personal project. After moments of incredulity, Jack realizes the wonder of being able to travel the universe of the dream world. Unfortunately, his ongoing lust for Laura threatens to disastrously destroy his relationship with Devi.

Jack follows Monte’s sexist advice and almost loses Devi. In the end, Jack matures to the point where he becomes a complementary partner for Devi. With Devi’s guidance, Jack’s growth changes his life and Devi’s for the better.