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Gorgeous George


A Casanova juggling four girlfriends is compelled to settle down when his mother faces her mortality… but deciding which of his lovers should be his soul mate is the least of his escalating problems.


George has it all…

Four girlfriends, each bringing a different personality and sexual appetite. A trust fund that allows him to support his lavish lifestyle without working. And a friend with the NYPD to cancel his parking tickets.

George has a problem…

George’s mother faces her mortality. She is in remission but chides her son that she won’t live forever. She wants to see grandchildren before exiting the planet. George is crazy about the four women in his life. He has no clue which one is his true soul mate; which one should be the mother of his children.

George’s problems escalate…

His girlfriends discover that he is contemplating marriage. Then, they find out about each other. Then, George’s first love, whom he hasn’t seen since they were teenagers, reappears. His buddy in the NYPD has a mistress who aggressively pursues George. The buddy falsely assumes that George is sleeping with his wife. His wife is the only woman around that George is not sleeping with. But as the pressure mounts, George finds himself unable to perform with any woman.

George’s situation spirals downward from there…