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ORDER ARMS. Synopsis and logline

A married man comes home to his family, from leaving the military. They discover that there is something wrong with him, and plan to see it through. Unexpected events arrive at every decision he must make, until he finds it in himself to see the truth.

Married man, David Ross, arrives home from the military. His next door neighbor and friend, James, picks him up at T.F Green Airport, in Providence, Rhode Island. James takes David home, in which he surprises his wife, Kayla and their son, Christopher. He goes to the Providence V.A Medical Center, finds out that he might have P.T.S.D, and they let James know about the situation. He let's Kayla know what is going on, and they agree for him to keep up with the appointments. David, on the hand, believes that he is alright, and going to the V.A is a waste of time.
The temp service issues David a job at Racers Equipment Warehouse, which is in Warwick, and Kayla is happy. She is also concerned about the distance, when David just got home. The follow up appointments go great, until he is asked to meet with former soldiers, in which he agrees. David comforts them, while helping one with the regret he held, during the war. He goes to work, then home and explain what happened at the V.A. Kayla is relieved that the subject about the P.T.S.D hasn't come up. She let's him know that her mother has a doctor's appointment, and Christopher is going with her. David agrees, because he has promised James that he would go fishing with him. The two fish for a couple of hours at Edgewood Lake, then go to James house. He cooks the fish while David watch a movie. They eat then David goes home. The fireworks has David finding himself, sitting on the floor sweating, and his mind racing to events during the war.
James believes that David had a panic attack, so they look at the brochure to check out the symptoms. It only states what to do, if an individual has been dealing with the symptoms. David goes to the V.A, the following week, and is told about a blockage, the fireworks triggered. He let's Kayla know what happened, and they conclude that it's not P.T.S.D he is experiencing. He contacts his former squad, but everyone tells him to talk to Douglass. David goes to his house, after the awkward phone call, then the two conversate.
He wakes up with the symptoms, later that night, then finds out that Douglass lied to him. Kayla takes David to the hospital, during the day, to get a blood test. The doctor suggest him to also get an M.R.I, and David accepts. In the evening, David cooks dinner on the grill, then Douglass calls while he lays in bed. Apparently, David is supposed to leave it alone and not try to find out what happened. There is a gun shot, in which David doesn't know if he killed himself. Kayla becomes hysterical, cause David wants to check on him, but Kyle calls then insist he go. The two decide that he is not going back to the V.A.
The following day, David arrives home then James invites him over for a get together. He agrees, then goes over there in the evening. It is an intervention James has for David, which upsets him. David goes home, but his family is not there. He drives around and knock on people doors for information, until James talk to him. David is heartbroken, when James tell him that his wife and son is dead. A woman comes outside of James house, confirms that she is the real psychiatrist, and that he suffers from Psychosis. James hands him the obituaries, then he remembers standing order arms as Sergeant Lass offers condolences on the accidental death of his wife and son