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Re: Looking for Feature Spec

I think this lead is deader than dead at this stage as zero replies from the poster.

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In the 1900's, a prestigious girl born into wealth, receives her inheritance at seven years old. Growing up with her love for guns and a handyman slave, she faces backlash cause of her intentions with living life on her own terms.

In 1899, a year after the Newbern family move to Corbin, Kentucky, Sarah receives a five year old slave for her seventh birthday. A couple of the town women gossip to the wife about her husband purchasing a slave, who is two years younger than their daughter. Heather, Sarah's mother, teaches her about ownership of a slave and women's rights, for what's appropriate to society.
March 1919, Sarah receives an award for the fastest hand in the south. Her fiance, Thomas, convinces her to have Samuel, Sarah's slave, to fix the roof of the house. Despite the fact that he believes that he controls her. Daniel, Sarah's dad, sets him straight because Samuel is Sarah's property, which in turn doesn't sit right with Thomas. The couple gets into an argument, when she finds out Thomas and his friends are sleeping with slave women. Sarah gets revenge on Thomas by sleeping with her slave, Samuel.
Thomas, knowing what Sarah did, takes Samuel at night, with the help of his friends. Sarah hears the commotion and runs after them, with her guns, to the mountains. The couple get into an argument then he hits her on the arm with a whip. Sarah defends herself and in return, the guys believes that she has committed treason for defending her slave. The mayor and sheriff investigate the ordeal, which later led Sarah to court, for protecting her property and killing her husband. The Newbern household worry because Sarah could be tried for murder, even though she felt like Thomas was jealous at how she treated Samuel.
The prosecutor argued with what is according to the way of life, while the defendant argued with what is right and according to the law. Sarah wins the case, while Thomas friends had to serve a sentence. They vowed revenge on Sarah, because she killed Thomas for Samuel. Months pass by then the guys are released, and they take Samuel to get revenge on Sarah. Two of the guys try to shoot her, but was not fast enough. The sheriff arrive, sees what the guys did to Samuel, and let Sarah have her revenge.
She cleans Samuels wounds as he lies on her living room floor, in which her mother has a problem with slaves in the house. Sarah is concerned about her and Samuels safety and decides to move to Canada, despite Heather's refusal. Anna, Heather's friend, tells Sarah about someone who wants their kitchen remodeled and she agrees. After Samuel does the work, the two catch the L and N railroad then goes north.
October 1919, the remaining two friends of Thomas paint their faces, attack and robbed Mr. Williams at night. The town believe that he was attacked by black men, then forced close to 200 blacks out of town. The following day, the mayor declared a sundown policy, meaning no blacks are allowed in town after sunset. The policy became so popular, majority of the country saw the policy as law.

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a producer is not going to post a reply in here, they will email a candidate directly.

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The sub
A short film about a family who’s lives are turned upside down when they are stuck on a sinking submarine.

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The resurrection of infected imodu warriors, banished to the core of the earth invoked a wave of destruction to sweep out the street of imodu with the ancient power of draw and destroy

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Title: 15
Genre: Horror

My screenplay, 15, is a contained psychological thriller/horror film, which features a small cast, minimal locations, and a shocking twist ending. The feature-length screenplay has been turned into a short film (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4234812/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1). 15 won 2nd Place in the 2014 Terror Film Festival Screenplay Competition after being chosen as an official selection and it was also a semi-finalist in the 2014 Indie Horror Film Festival Screenplay Contest. The logline even won the Screenwriter’s Utopia Logline Competition in October 2014. With all those factors combined, 15 is a promising horror film that can be made on a small budget with a great chance for success.

A young man who survived a horrific childhood abduction hasn't dared leave home in 15 years, so his brother and an ominous doctor devise a plan to force him out of his house, but when bizarre things start to happen, is it the work of his brother or is he beginning to lose his mind.

Adrian hasn’t left his home in 15 years following his abduction at age 10, but now his isolated life is beginning to change in heart-stopping ways. Raziela, the pretty new neighbor he’s been staring at through binoculars, brazenly makes herself at home in Adrian’s house just when Adrian’s brother, Barton, begins implementing his plan to force Adrian out of the house. Bizarre events begin to shake Adrian to his very core, but is this all part of his brother’s plan or is he losing his mind?

To give you a better sense of the screenplay, here are excerpts from all five professional Black List reviews from www.blcklst.com, and an excerpt from my Hollywood Screenplay Contest review:

· “A twist readers won't see coming and an impactful finale that is truly shocking.”
· “An intriguing delve into the psyche of someone suffering from agoraphobia. The writing is descriptive and compelling. …Fantastic twist the reader doesn't see coming.”
· “Watching the protagonist implode was a harrowing experience. …Moves at a lightning pace. …Intensely character-driven, complemented by quality dialogue.”
· “Very well written. The plot is efficient and clear, fleshing out the story and characters thoroughly, while not wasting any time. The twist is genuinely surprising yet well-set-up, resulting in a compelling and darkly satisfying conclusion.”
· “Visual and horrifying imagery, constantly keeping the reader wondering what is real.”
· “The script does a good job of slowly amping up the atmosphere so that by the third act the script is ready to cut loose. It really packs a wallop and pays off everything that has come before it.”

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Tim McClelland
WGA Registration: 2074772

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

A Catholic Irishman, on a quest to find answers to life's injustices, re-discovers
his faith outside the Catholic Church, which ostracizes him from his community,
forcing him to fight for his reputation, family and freedom in the high court of Ireland.

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My name's Sadie Katz. I've had three feature length screenplays produced for Anchor Bay, Lionsgate and an indie. I'm also a genre actress with over a dozen released films with top billing including three through Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox's Wrong Turn 6.

I have a covid friendly producing script. It has limited characters, limited locations and all practical effects. The film could reasonably be shot with under fifteen people on set at any time. Depending on the budget filming could be completed in a ten to fifteen day schedule.

Here's the ahem' elevator pitch: A woman going through a divorce is trapped in an elevator. It's very The Shining, Repulsion meets Ryan Reynold's Buried.

The thriller has an 83-90 minute playing time and is filled with action, minimal dialogue and lots of twists and turns to the story.

Brilliant, experienced cinematographer Michael Pessah (Smiley Face Killer, Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life) is innovative in his shooting techinique and has signed a LOI.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

LOGLINE: During her vacations in Rome, a young woman’s life turns upside down when minutes after she got engaged with her boyfriend, she runs into her greatest love from the past. A beautiful fashion photographer that will make her doubt her feelings for her fiancé.

Contact: screenwriter@stephaniepugliese.es

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Adult is about a security guard who loses three teenage friends that escape a detention center for asylum seeking children from Mexico. Motivated to save his job the security guard goes on a quest to find the lost teens in the desert. In order to bring them back to America the odd couple are forced to work together as Mexican cartel, racist American Militia, and border patrol chase after them.