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The Menacing - Horror Screenplay

A Native American couple move to a new town, and soon relive in horror when a malefic entity disturbs their stay.

The small town of Medicine Park, based in the 1900s.

A Native American couple, visit the agent and trustee of the town Douglas Bloom. Maska and his wife Tuwa, leave their home behind to seek a better opportunity. Tuwa who is expecting a baby, is a timid lady. After many letters between Maska and Doug, a house becomes available in Medicine park. This house, which belonged to the old priest or Shaman as the towns people called him, is soon purchased. Doug doesn't expect the couple to move in right away, since the priest had passed on a few weeks ago. But the couple are eager to move into their new home, a dilapidated wooden house, which stands alone. The only feature, is the oak tree which stands before it.

The couple enjoy their new home, although it needs much work. The Shaman is featured in the beginning assisting a couple who approach him for a medicinal cure. Later that night as he sleeps, he is disturbed by an entity who is not seen. Later to find the Masons daughter Jean, her body hanging outside from his oak tree. Soon, after Shaman dies with a similar fate. But doesn't leave in spirit and appears in Tuwas dreams to worn them of the evil which lurks in the tree. The story goes back to the Masons, and their daughter Jean who became possessed by an entity. The man with the mutilated face, is the entity which possesses Jean, she becomes vulnerable and delusional soon after takes her own life. Meanwhile in the present moment Tuwa, goes outside to the lavatory in the middle of the night to find it is locked. She now has now choice but to go under the tree, at this time the entity has possessed her. Now, Maska must deal with the horrors and delusions he is facing in the house. He soon finds out the fate of the Shaman. Tuwa, cannot eat and she becomes ill, she starts seeing demons who call her to the tree.

Trudy and Mike Mason, are still haunted by the entity who took her daughters life. They both soon go to Pastor Joe for help. Lores who was Jeans best friend also has an encounter with the man who has a mutilated face. Tuwa is close to giving birth, but she is tormented by the entity just like Jean. She becomes consumed by the entity and Maska to finds the house they are living in, is tormented. Pastor Joe, goes to the Masons home to prevent the entity from disturbing their home. He then tells the Masons the story of Levi, who had the mark of evil on his arm. Levi massacred many of the towns people during a county fair. He was hung on the tree, outside ground were the fair took place. The very ground the innocent people were massacred. The house the Masons live in was in fact the house of Levi. In the end to free their daughter Jean, the Masons burn down their house. Tuwa gives birth to a baby girl, but later that night the entity goes into her hospital room. The next morning Maska finds Tuwa gone. His first instinct is to go back to his home. This is when he finds Tuwa, hanging on the tree, with her bloody night gown. A few hours after giving birth, she has taken her own life. The story ends with Maska leaving town with his baby, to start a new life.

The Menacing Two - will be a follow up on the child who has grown up

Contact me should you be interested - t.g.shaauthor@gmail.com