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LOGLINE: A transplanted soldier set to move in with his newly found love wakes up and finds that he has been in a coma and that his paramour doesn't exist.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy/Drama/Science Fiction/Suspense

It's basically a new way of presenting Romeo and Juliet with (spoiler) a happy ending that takes place in current time in San Francisco with 4 main characters and a cat. It's my love letter to San Francisco as well as to those Romantic Comedies that had characters who you instantly fall in love with and root for, with great banters throughout the script and a magnetic connection that the reader/audience will gravitate towards.

The script is tightly written (90 pages) well plotted with layers, subplots, setups and payoffs with a premise that’s original, fresh, entertaining and oozing with subtext.

As Rom-Com has been a dying breed, here I present to you a reinvention that I feel has $$$ potential because it is cheap to film even though it is Science Fiction as there are no special effects needed, just wonderful camera work.