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Omnicide 2022. Screenplay offer

November 2020

screenplay offer


I'm Itzhak begerano, from Israel.

I'm offering you my fictional screenplay "omnicide 2022" (Humorous Contemporary Political Satire)! in the style of M.A, S.H. cath 22, Dr. Stranglove, The Brave Soldier Schwick!!!

my feature film screenplay(completed and available)

About me

My name: Itzhak begerano,68 years old, a resident of Israel, married + 4,

About thescreenplay

Logline : bizarre politicians are dragging the world into a hallucinatory war!


In the Arabian "Fata Morgana" desert with its white mouse bedlam…, Monro-the president of Democrats and Aswad, the President of Islamists wishing and dreaming of ruling our world by themselves-totally alone. Meantime, Monro's deputy, Barney, the comedian, is sent to the front against his will to entertain the troops, but his neck is on the line to keep them amused. Additionally, many old and famous Hollywood actors were forced to portray deadly commando soldiers and go beyond enemy lines. Aswad and Monro Accused of war crimes. While they found guilty they pull out their "atomic Judgment Day" secret phone …and both leaders hurry and push the phone buttons to destroy earth…but something went very wrong!!!

"omnicide 2022" is a movie that anyone who cares about his future, his family's future, the future of humanity and the future of our world, should see this movie for himself and for his acquaintances!!

"omnicide 2022" options

1. A feature film(screenplay completed and available).

2. TV series(first draft and need polishing))

3. A film in three sequels in the style of The Lord of the Rings(first draft and need polishing))

4. An animated film/series(first draft +animation sample)

5. Graphic Novel / Comics(first draft +6 pages sample)

6. Movie/series for the internet

7. Movie/series for mobile

8. Computer/mobile game

Looking forward to a fast reply

Many Thanks

Itzhak begerano