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holy matrimony

November 2020

Short screenplay and pilot offer (MOW format)
wga ,registration number: #2050126

"Holy Matrimony"- screenplay + movie pilot (for micro-budget)

My name-itzhak begerano from (Israel )William email: kim72816@gmail.com
I am a 68-year-old.screenwriter from (Israel )William. Who studied screenwriting and directing at The College for Cinema and Television in Israel .
I am offering "Holy Matrimony" screenplay (55 pages)and movie pilot !!!
(In the style of : Sleeping with the Enemy /The Burning Bed / Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story)
it is a combination package with a screenplay + movie pilot I have created, specifically to showcase my skills in making a short movie with a feature-length option(55 pages )

logline: can we play chess with our destiny?
a psychological thriller that focuses on the corrupt relationship between two different married couples


"Holy Matrimony" is a psychological thriller that focuses on the corrupt relationship between two different married couples. After being injured in a hit-and-run accident, the story follows (Haim)James, who hires his private investigator (Israel )William, to help uncover the truth after suspecting his wife Rita, who trying to kill him. One question that perfectly captures the film's essence is, "can we play chess with our destiny?".
The story focuses on (HAIM)JAMES, who asks his private investigator friend (ISRAEL) WILLIAM, for help, believing that his wife, RITA, is trying to kill him after being injured in a hit-and-run attack. While investigating (Israel ), William doesn't know that his wife (HEDVA)EMILY is unfaithful with another younger man. (Israel )William soon discovers that Rita is plotting to kill (Haim)James with her lover ZADOK, who had tried to run (Haim)James over. (Israel )William soon catches them red-handed and captures Rita for her crimes. Meanwhile, (HEDVA)EMILY has become addicted to drugs due to (Israel )William's abuse of her, and she tragically kills herself. After (Israel )William discovers her body, he crazily laughs, showing his true corrupt colors.
It's an ultra-low budget. with minimal cast and locations-the budget was only 5000$ (The crew was amateurs. the actors were amateurs. they made all for no money.)
Watch the movie in Youtube site:
vts 01 1 holy matrimony begerano (Part 1- 30 minutes)
vts 01 2 isaac goldone (Part 2 - 27 minutes)

Re: holy matrimony


I am an actress and a producer. I have my own green screen studio, editing facilities and great location ideas we can use. I would like to be supporting a good screen play. I would like to play in the project as well as supporting it in ever way it's possible.

Would you be interested in working together?