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The Ascension- SciFi Action/Adventure Metaphysical Screenplay

Earth is on the verge of ascending into the fourth dimension where material wealth will no longer be relevant, but a secret economic society is conspiring to block the ascension and maintain their monetary power. The future of mankind's transformation falls to a small team of scientists working to stop the corrupt organization and usher the planet into a new Utopian realm.

The story takes place on present day Earth. It's a modern materialistic world promoting international corporate dominance, class warfare, income disparity, and ever increasing poverty.

The protagonist, Earth scientist, Dr. Martin Andrews, 30's, world traveler, adventurer, calculated risk taker. He's driven to see that Earth's ascension "transformation" from today's worldly third dimension to the more spiritual fourth dimension realm be accomplished. Martin also has a deep wound in his past having accidentally shot and killed his brother. The ascending transformation drives Martin emotionally in that it promises to reveal his true destiny and hopefully help cleanse his deep burden of guilt.

Martin's rival, antagonist, Dr. Antonio Moravia, PhD, 50's, a world famous economist. He's hell bent on stopping the ascension in order to maintain his powerful, secret Draco Society which is focused on political corruption, obscene corporate profits, chronic poverty, and world domination of societal group think.

Martin and his team kill Dr. Moravia and destroy the Draco Society. The Ascension occurs completing Earth's consciousness transformation to the fourth dimension. Martin, his team, and Earth's occupants celebrate their arrival into this new dimension. The new dimension also reveals to Martin his real purpose for his arrival and for his successful battle for The Ascension.

William Hodge screenwriter