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Looking for Sitcom or Movie script

Hey Writers,

I will make a Sitcom or Movie purely over Zoom (or whatever Videocallapp allows this).
Since the global pandemic doesn't really allow us to shoot in conventional ways this will be the way to go.
I feel like a Sitcom could go very well with having people joining/leaving the call like they would do if the sitcom was shot in an apartment plus people could join on their phones and thus you could have a lot of unique and funny ideas to work with.
But I think a movie could work just as well.
So I was wondering whether any of you would be interessted to join me in writing this or write a script for this on your own?

Thanks for reading through my propsal!

PS: I'm just a student with an idea, but on the otherhand you won't need a big budget to realise this tbh.

Best regards,

Re: Looking for Sitcom or Movie script

I am interested. I am a screenwriter/author. I have written several books and screenplays. I have a few in mind for your project.

Re: Looking for Sitcom or Movie script

Wow thanks! I contacted you via Email