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First of two screenplays previously optioned by the writer-producer team best known for the Academy Award Nominated Best Adapted Screenplay "Stand By Me"

I need an Executive Producer with strong relationships with agents/managers and with a financial track record.


What happens when a man attempts to field a little league football team in a small Midwestern city? Plenty –– when the year is 1964, and half of the potential team is black. Inspired by actual events, When the Whistle Blows is a nostalgic look back at an era when issues were often settled in black and white.

     Everything seems fine when Bill Campbell, an oil refinery worker and local union member, attempts to form a fifth and sixth grade football team for his son to play on. Everything is fine that is, until Bill crosses the color boundary and begins to recruit black kids to play on his team. When Bill is forced to confront angry parents and his reluctant assistant, the die is cast. Bill must make a stand, after all his son is watching.

     Meanwhile on the "rich side of town" Darrell Phipps, Bill Campbell’s arch nemesis is about to field another championship team, or so he thinks! And as one of Bill’s co-workers emphatically puts it, "…Darrell doesn’t like to lose." But the tension escalates when the Oilers begin to win, and the devil of racism emerges once again. Darrell, it seems, will stop at nothing in order to gain the prize. And when the Oilers incredible star athlete, Charles Taylor, becomes a target of intimidation, all hell breaks loose!  Justice, it seems, can and must be found in the final game as the two undefeated teams clash on a field of dreams. The ending is as unpredictable as the emotions of the day, and can only be found if you read it!