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Soul of the Sphinx - black contemporary character driven urban drama

"Sometimes Criminals Are Made Not Born"

A wealthy, aggressive, young black male gang leader struggles to maintain his success while battling to overcome a hidden, childhood secret and memories of his multiple personality white mother's horrific sexual abuse.

Abdul Williams, 20, a black male raised in the crime-ridden Tenderloin section of San Francisco leads his Crips gang members in turf wars, major drug trafficking and a big, international cyber net bank heist. Pursued by local police and the FBI, he seeks out the wisdom of his former prison psychiatrist to cure his damaged soul by helping him to relive a twist story ending secret involving his trapped, recurring childhood nightmares. Images involving his white mother -a half woman-half lioness (The Sphinx) - and her brutal, physical, sexual abuse.

May I send you a .pdf copy of my screenplay?

William Hodges