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Eric Red's take on my horror western script, LESS THAN HUMAN

To Gary Raisor Apr 5 at 1:37 PM
Hi Gary, This is a kick-ass script, and I’d love to direct it. Was worried from the
description it was going to be another Southwestern Vampire Modern Western, and was
excited to discover it was Southwestern Snake People Modern Western, because the
monster with its roots in Quetzalcoatl is very cool and different. Loved the wall-to-wall
horror/action and off-the-chain gore, which would be a lot of fun to stage. The mythology
is detailed and very cool, with the jumping back and forth in time between modern west,
old west, and Aztec era.
The characters and their cross-conflicts are solid. Steven is a terrific bad guy, and his
pool player trademark is quite sinister. The dialogue is tight and there’s plenty of sharp,
funny lines.
Obviously, the script offers immense visual opportunities, and I don’t believe you could
push the camerawork too far. A quick note on the production, and you’ve probably
considered all this. To me the snake people effects should obviously be done practically,
using special makeup effects not CGI, which would be infinitely more realistic and
visceral. And because locations are a big part of the story, the movie should be filmed in
New Mexico or Arizona, as well as Nevada, not outside the U.S. Thanks for thinking of
me on this, and would love to discuss further!
Best, Eric