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Three Scripts with two spinoff in Crime/Thriller. Well reviewed.

Hello dear reader,
I have written One complete pilot episode which comes under the genre Crime-Thriller, It has a Spinoff model as well, so if the first shows go well, I do have a great follow up which will move from being a prequel to a sequel.
The logline is "A young after suffering his father's death, now has to stop his family from getting involved in the crime scene. Throughout this red hot path, mysteries about his father's death unravel." The show is titled "Family Files"

Another log lines are-
Devil has not Gone yet- "FBI and the police department are stuck up when there are brutal serial killings of high-profile people going around. No one knows anything, the only clue is that he says himself the Devil, the SATAN."

Thrid one- "A politician hires a team of talented crew, who will help him to clear the path of him becoming the president."
If anyone is interested, I can give you any of these within a weak. I have all planned up how to create it, direct it, and execute it. All of these are well-paced- like Prison break or Game of Thrones, and I have made sure to have a great ending Like Breaking Bad. Reply me here, or you can mail me at eddie.mishra@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram. SuryansH_SM
Thanks for reading.