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Feature Film Screenplay seeks Investors

December 2020

Feature length screenplay on offer (MOW format)
Contact: shanewihone@icloud.com
Freelance Writer, Author

Low budget + Limited location + Limited cast

My name is Shane Wihone, I am a 33 year old novelist and screenwriter that immigrated to Canada from Australia at the age of 18. I have been writing my entire life and studied at Vancouver Film School.

Today I am offering a feature length screenplay in the genres of;
Psychological Thriller, Horror, Sci Fi

In the style of;
The Blair Witch Project/ Paranormal Activity/ REC/ VHS/ Grave Encounters/ Etc.

Four strangers agree to participate in a social experiment in which they are subjected to different colors of light. Results will vary.

Four strangers, Angelo, Willow, Abby and Jessica, having agreed to participate in a medical experiment, all meet at their new home for the next week. A spacious, upscale four bedroom house which will be used over the span of the next seven days to test out strange and ridiculously ideas revolving around lights and its effects on the human psyche.

Watching them throughout is Dr Phillipa, an aloof voice which commands the participants from a safe location and instructs them in how to conduct the experiments they are required to perform.

However before all that; Angelo, Willow, Abby and Jessica pass out after a night of talking, drinking, and learning each other's motives for participating in the RGB Medical experiment. However once everyone has gone to bed, other experiments begin.

Awaking to find their things disturbed and the house on full lockdown, the participants begin to realize this is no vacation and that despite the idyllic surroundings, something far more sinister seems to lurk just beyond sight.

As the days progress, more and more unexplained phenomena begin to occur, and with each new experience, the participants begin to develop their own theories. Ranging from the ludicrous, such as light actually affecting the psyche, to the obscene, such as drugs in their food and water. However most if not all occur during a single time. During the night.

Vowing to each other to stay up the entire night, to see just who is messing with their things. The Group discovers what they believe to be behind all the strangeness, an odd colour of light which shines on them during their nights.

Discovering the source of their malady, the group defy the apparent induced madness, only to realize all too late that just because their paranoid, doesn't mean their wrong. As the light seeps further into their minds, things from beyond seek entry into our world.

In a Cabin,
In the Woods,
There was a Light.