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Night Drive - Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi

Log Line: A pregnant woman experiences high strangeness while lost in the desert after abandoning her ill father to save her job over Christmas night.

Short Synopsis: Mildred (40's) a struggling single pregnant woman is threatened by her boss to go on a last minute job assignment on Christmas morning in Los Angeles. Under the pressure of losing her position she decides she must leave her sick father home alone in Las Vegas to traverse the Mojave desert overnight. Due to wildfires, roads approaching LA have been closed. Several detours lead her down less traveled roads where she encounters an off beat cop with fantastical stories of strange lights in the sky and shadowy beings lurking in the folds of space time. Mildred reluctantly continues only to encounter what the officer was talking about. Hours go by as she searches for a way out of the desert. She finds herself at a familiar run down drive-in movie theater, where she goes into labor...

Pitch: The Twilight Zone meets Steven Spielberg’