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Perfect Bond, Short Script (9 Pages, Romantic Drama)

Hi Everyone,

I have a completed, 9-page short script about anxiety, emotional issues and resolution through emotional stability. It has 2 main characters, male and female (in their 20s), and 1 side elderly woman. Additionally, 1 voice-over with a few lines. Just 3 locations, 2 of those are indoor and 1 is at a cafe.

Logline: After losing his parents in an accident 6 months back, Marian starts falling into an emotional sinkhole. By chance, he meets a pharmacist Anne; she helps him solve his problems with a new emotional stability, bringing his life back to normal.

Genre: Romantic Drama

Tone of Voice: Intelligent and a bit Funny with a mild Sarcastic Approach

Let me know if you're interested.

Thanks, Pav