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Episodic Series - 'LEWD'

LOG LINE - A massive outbreak of a mysterious new virus known as LEWD begins to infect the living, and reanimate the dead.

LEWD is a cross mutation of Rabies and Chronic Wasting Disease, it creates a breed of zombies unlike any before. The first reports of the LEWD outbreak begin in the small town of Lynnville, Tennessee after a couple locals, and their families mysteriously passed away after a hunting trip… The families were found with their limbs contorted in abnormal positions, with chunks of flesh ripped from their bodies.

As LEWD infects the subject its eyes become bloodshot, develops hydrophobia, rejecting water, food, and spiking a 105 degree fever. The subjects muscles become dehydrated causing black bulging veins with spastic rapid muscle movements, limbs contort freezing mid movement, and their mouth discharges a white foamy substance.

Episode One - They’re Here…

DEVEN, and JESSICA take a trip to visit their mothers grave, seeking closure for her untimely death caused by the LEWD. While visiting their mothers grave, Deven witnesses a funeral session turn into madness as one of the gravediggers becomes infected with the LEWD… Jessica, talking to her mothers grave is suddenly attacked and bitten by her dead mother.

Deven, runs from a group of LEWD while leaving Jessica behind… He runs through the woods, and stumbles on to a creepy church where he hides.

WENDALL, a paranoid shut away who lives in the creepy church finds Deven looking over his top secret documents he obtain during his time in service, he takes Deven captive. Wendall, interrogates Deven on how he found him until an attack of LEWD and a mysterious figure come crashing through the door… Deven escapes from the creepy church, and returns to the graveyard where he left Jessica.

Deven finds Jessica infected with the LEWD, Jessica bites Deven… The End.

In the next episode we see Wendall’s last days of service in the military, and the information he discovered about the LEWD. We meet ELIZABETH Deven and Jessica’s mother, we learn their mother was with the first wave of infected to pass away from the virus… We see the progression of the virus in the subject, and Deven witnessing his mothers death.

40 page screenplay written by Joshua Lockard
Budget and pitch deck available.
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