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Dawn's Glory

Personal Message:
Haint: More than a zombie, ghost or vampire, it is a phantom from old wives' tales known to rise from graves to scare, kill and sometimes ride its victims to the point of great depression or suicide. It is a "corpse" with the attributes of a ghost and can appear to be anything "hainty." A tarnished mirror, tree, weird-looking person, etc. They are associated with witch-like hags, who also possess supernatural powers. Haints and Hags.

A mid-1800s' plantation house, terrorized by a "haint," is renovated into a retirement home in 2018.The haint returns, raising the dead, and a new resident is called to fight it.

Spring, 2018, Bill Simpson (75) hangs up his pool stick, leaving the urban scene to a Southern retirement home, "Dawn's Glory." It was once plagued by a haint, who as a human in 1890 was killed by a mob on her wedding day. She vowed that, on that date, she would come back from the dead. She does...

When Dawn's Glory was a plantation, Bill's grandma, a Voodoo priestess and sharecropper, fought off the phantom. Her spirit offers incantations and riddles via period flashbacks and stories to find and dispel the haint because it cannot be killed.

Bill recognizes the presence of a haint when therapeutically treated residents begin to die in their sleep. As he closes in on "who" the embodied haint may be, the deaths increase.

On a stormy, spring night, staff and residents are trapped in a nightmare empowering the haint to permeate the veil between life's chaos and the still of death releasing the dead. The darkest personas from nightmares are summoned by the haint's presence.

Bill warns all not to go to sleep for, "to merely see the haint's face in your dream is to die." Not only must he protect the infected victims, Bill, now contaminated, must fear for his life.

Locations are a plantation house, old country church, strip club/pool hall, cemetery and funeral parlor. (Dawn's Glory is a 95-page ghost story)

Starring: Nigel Barber and Bill Cobbs

The Writer, Czerny Lee Miller, is the first recipient of the Langston Hughes Memorial Award for Literary Excellence. (July 17, 2001 - The Cleveland Playhouse)

Dawns' Glory is a "Quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition 2020"

Film Actor:
In the Heat of the Night (see IMDb)

Actor (Theatre):
Extensive Theatre

MaryAnn Amato - Legacies Literary