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Creature Feature Set In Great White North

Logline: A strong and resourceful young woman leads a desperate struggle for survival when a long frozen terror awakens in the Alaskan wilderness.

Synopsis/Details: "In the remote Alaskan wilderness, primitive worm-like creatures long held in suspended animation inside glacial ice awaken and they are hungry. These ravenous creatures immediately prove themselves a lethal threat to all warm blooded creatures in the area including man. Isolated, cut off by bad weather and with little hope of a rescue, a strong and resourceful young woman leads the members of her research team and native Inuits in a life or death struggle for survival."

The B-Horror Film is an enduring art form – A guilty pleasure enjoyed by many and this one is mine. This is a mid-budget Creature Feature set in the Great White North with an OMG ending and sequel potential out the wazoo.

In July 2020, I declined an offer from mainland China for this script. All in all, a positive experience confirming my belief the future in film is streaming on small screens here, there and everywhere.

First pages of this script are posted here: https://www.scriptrevolution.com/scripts/snow-worms