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"Valerie's Beautiful Son Joseph" -- Daring producers vying to clutch an Oscar, this is the script

Shebaad's latest work "Valerie's Beautiful Son Joseph" -- a referendum on the highly divisive topic of nature vs. nurture

"Valerie's Beautiful Son Joseph" is an intriguing story of a young man from the Houston area who is grappling with his sexual orientation as a direct result of having been rained down with a steady barrage of insults from his machismo-driven father. The father -- a child reared by a hood rat mother that merely trained her young sons street survival skills after being left to raise them alone once their convicted felon father was killed in prison -- causes further discord in their household by accusing his son Joseph's mother Valerie of making Joseph "soft" -- a state of being that the father, an ex-con from Oakland sporting the tats of a Blood, will not stand idly by and allow.

Shebaad, a 18+ year educator in various Texas public high schools, shares her purpose for having created this script. "This work echoes the voices of the African American community as well as those operating within the LGBTQ subpopulation that seek societal acceptance. Because so many of my students throughout the years also have had such doubts and inadequacies about how they fit into the calico of gender and sexual confusion, I want to present the audience with this play in hopes of it serving as a sort of public service announcement to help young people figure out where they fit into the fabric of society." -- Shebaad

SERIOUS PRODUCERS ONLY: Please contact me if interested in receiving a synopsis of "Valerie's Beautiful Son Joseph" at kprecole@gmail.com.