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Logline & Synopsis for Adult Animated Series

Pitch: Ghostbusters meets The Exorcist

Logline: A fifteen year old girl learns that she’s next in line for an ancient role of expelling the world of evil.


Demonesque follows Amy Blightout, an adopted 15 year old girl who learns that her adoptive family is a part of an ancient coven of white witches that have spent centuries ridding the world of evil spirits and demons. Working in the shadows with the religious groups across the world the coven used magic and ancient artifacts to send the evil back to the underworld. With her adoptive parents having no child of their own Amy becomes the next witch of the modern world. Aided by her trusted best friend and sidekick Javier Alonso uses her family’s magic to expel evil spirits and demons from Earth back to the underworld. The problem is the magic usually rejects her. This is not due to her lack of inexperience as initially believed but in actuality because Amy is an anti-christ, a half-demon/half-human hybrid child between Satan and a human woman. Amy as well as her friends and family are unaware of this fact prior to her joining the coven. Her blight often causes even more trouble for herself and Javier when attempting to get rid of a current evil threat. Amy eventually learns of her birth half-siblings and their individual whereabouts hoping to remove their father Satan’s demonic influence (possession) from them. Each sibling represents the seven deadly sins: Amy is wrath, Abbie is greed, Maggie is envy, Ambrose is sloth, Paque is gluttony, Yuri is pride, and Alex is sloth.

Full pitch bible and character bios available upon request.