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A wealthy Denver family flees the Corona virus epidemic by traveling cross country in their luxury motor home. While driving through Wyoming the family is surprised at an Interstate rest area by a nefarious Las Vegas gang, kidnapped and held for $5 million ransom.

This contemporary story features action, suspense, romance and light comedy. The principal character is a handsome, charismatic man in his 40s who made his fortune in the marijuana industry. With his attractive wife, teenage daughter and Jack Russell terrier, Russell, they attempt to escape the Corona epidemic by traveling in their $2 million luxury motor coach.
While stopped at a rest area in Wyoming, and walking Russell, the father is kidnapped at gunpoint and held for $5 million ransom. There are scenes at Jackson Hole, Wyoming,
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, and the legendary Sturgis, South Dakota motorcycle rally, where the ransom payoff is made in the midst of thousands of rowdy bikers. The FBI and police become involved in the case. Surveillance devices, burner phones, drones and helicopters are used in the sophisticated plot. Breath-taking western scenery is evident throughout the story. The script is written as a mini-series, but may be adapted into a full length feature film.