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Action Adventure Franchise with (3) completed feature scripts

I'm an award winning and produced scriptwriter and confess, it was never my intention to write a franchise/series with (3) action adventure scripts - But after I wrote the first one, I enjoyed the characters so much, I wrote (2) more.

The first installment in the franchise/series is One Way Tickets. This is followed by the completed Tropical Princess and Animal Rescue all 'starring' the same beautifully flawed characters. All three scripts are set in and around South Florida and the Caribbean.

Title: One Way Tickets

Logline: "Discount heroes carry out a bold and reckless plan to free a ne'er-do-well being held for ransom in the Caribbean."

Synopsis/Details: "A retired combat veteran living in South Florida gets a call in the middle of the night informing him is younger ne'er-do-well brother has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. The aging vet is told unless a large sum of money is delivered to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic by the end of the week, his brother will be killed. The old soldier has no intention of paying a ransom, but calmly assures the caller he will be there. He is, in fact, secretly delighted by this invitation to a fire fight. After making a few hasty calls to some beautifully flawed former comrades in arms, a bold and reckless plan is put into action which will leave a trail of death, destruction and a little grand larceny in the Caribbean."

The inspiration for this slightly dark and quirky action adventure was something my older brother, a retired Marine Corps combat veteran, said to me just before I traveled overseas to host a workshop in the Middle East, “Don’t go over there, get in trouble and make me come get you out.”

One Way Tickets also exists as a published novella length ebook containing about 22,500 words.

First pages of all three scripts are available on my website (see link below).