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As I Was Saying

As I Was Saying
Scene: 24 youngsters have been ordered to attend a one day Government Correction course on Petty Theft. Professor Goodman arrives to convince them ‘Crime Doesn’t Pay’ to find them all seated at their desk.
PG. Okay please open your desk and take out the note pad and ball point pen.
PettyThief 1 Mine’s missing sir
PT2 So are mine sir
The same applies to every offender except one who has his hand up
PT3 How many do you need?
PG Why, do you have some?
PT3 I can let you have two dozen pens at a pound each... cash.
PG. But I only paid 20p each at Wilco
PT1 shouts to PT3 I’ll give you 35p each take it or leave it
PT3 Okay come and get them
PT1 to PG. You can have them for 50p each
PG Very well anything to get the show on the road. Now write your name on the notepad.... oh I forgot! Does anyone here have any notepads to sell.
PT3 I can let you have 2dozen for ten pounds sir.
PG This is outrageous..... I’ll give you five.
PT3 Okay done.
A bell rings! It is time for a tea break.
PG Okay meet back here in half an hour
He returns 30 minutes later to find the classroom door and all the desk lids missing. PT3 has his hand up!