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As I Was Saying (Even producers have a sense of humour)

As I Was Saying
Cooking, gardening, coastal stroll, nature watch, you name it, low budget single camera work is here to stay. A small twist here and there keeps us interested. My coastal stroller Ben comes across an elderly lady digging her allotment, feeding a chicken and milking her goat. With the warmest of smiles she offers him lunch. He gratefully accepts her kind offer and watches as she gathers an armful of wheat from and adjacent field. Taking two house bricks she grinds out a bowl of flour and makes bread dough. Sliding open the door of her VW camper van she reveals a kitchen, complete with a gas hob and oven. The stroller draws our attention to a bumble bee and gives a ninety minute lecture on pollination. We hear a yelp and watch as he pulls a bee sting from his wrist. In the background we see little old lady taking a crusty bloomer loaf from the oven. She slices the loaf and spreads lashings of goat butter and cheese. Stuffed and contented the stroller lays back to enjoy the midday sun. As he slowly drifts off to sleep Ben feels a hand caressing his groin and a voice whispers, ‘I haven’t had it for ten years‘. He opens his eyes to see the old lady climbing on top of him! Our cameraman walks to the cliff top and films waves crashing against the lighthouse. Very subtle