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"The Revolutionist"

Logline: Once he was André-Louis Moreau, a young lawyer raised by nobility, unconcerned with the growing discontent among France’s lower classes—until his best friend is murdered in cold blood by a rich and powerful aristocrat. To seek revenge, he becomes Scaramouche, an outlaw and the relentless avenger of his friend’s death.

Set during the French Revolution, this screenplay is based on the swashbuckling romance novel, "Scaramouche," by Rafael Sabatini. The screenplay is also a thought-provoking commentary on class, inequality, and fierce political conflict, a story that has become Rafael Sabatini’s enduring legacy.


France, 1788. Andre Moreau’s best friend, Philippe, visits Andre at his home in Gavrillac, France. Philippe, a passionate Republican who hates aristocrats, wants to confront the Marquis De La Tour D’Azyr about the murder of a peasant who was hunting in the Marquis’s forest.
The Marquis is also visiting Gavrillac to woo beautiful young, Aline de Kerkadiou. Andre secretly adores Aline.
The Marquis, who fears and hates revolutionists like Philippe, asks Philippe to meet him at a nearby inn. At the inn, the Marquis deliberately provokes poor Philippe into a duel and kills him.
Andre vows to avenge Philippe. He goes to Rennes and incites a mob in Rennes to attack the Marquis’s mansion, and to petition the King to revoke the nobles’ privileges, sparking the French Revolution.
Andre, now a fugitive from the law, escapes to the countryside, where he meets and joins the Binet acting troupe, to escape the police. In Nantes, Andre finds out that the Marquis led some aristocrats in a street battle against the Nantes townspeople. Andre, as the masked actor Scaramouche onstage, incites the audience to murder the Marquis, who is sitting in the theater. A riot ensues, and Andre escapes.
Months later, Andre gets a job as an apprentice to a fencing master in Paris, who pays Andre with daily fencing lessons. Andre discovers that he loves fencing, and soon develops into a formidable fencer.
Le Chapelier, a lawyer friend of Andre’s, visits him at his fencing academy. Le Chapelier tells Andre that aristocrats are now killing National Assembly representatives in duels to silence them. Andre becomes a new representative in the Assembly so the aristocrats, and hopefully the Marquis, will challenge him to a duel.
Every day, another aristocrat then challenges Andre to a duel, and one after another, Andre kills or wounds them. Andre then provokes the Marquis into a duel. They fight the duel, but Andre only wounds the Marquis.
Andre then visits his godfather to warn him and Aline to escape France because the police are now arresting aristocrats to kill them. His godfather asks for a passport for Madame de Ploustegal. Andre at first refuses, but relents when his godfather tells him that Madame is his mother.
A few days later, Andre meets his godfather, Aline, Madame, and her hooded servant at a nearby inn, to plan their escape. The servant takes off his hood to reveal himself as the Marquis. Andre and the Marquis each draw their pistols to kill each other, but Madame, desperate, throws herself between them and screams, “Stop! Gervais, he is your son. Andre, he is your father!” The two mortal enemies put down their guns.
Andre relents in his hatred of the Marquis and gives him a passport to escape France.
Back at Gavrillac, Andre tells Aline that he loves her. Aline tells Andre the same. Revolutionary police approach Gavrillac to arrest Andre for giving the Marquis a passport. Andre and Aline escape with their lives to a ship departing for America.