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When the director of an animal rescue center discovers her precious mascot is missing, she accepts a surreptitious offer of help from a two-faced boyfriend. But little does she know that a government conspiracy plans to ship her to an alien world... 37 light-years from home.

Mild-mannered Ellie, director of an Albuquerque animal shelter, received word that her precious bulldog Charley is missing, taken with several other dogs by a top-secret faction of the US government. And when ex-boyfriend Michael, an independent investigative reporter, turns up with news of a government conspiracy, Ellie joins reluctantly his quest to find both her Charley, and expose a secret program sanctioned by the Pentagon.
From 37 light-years away the Ebens have arrived once again to Area 51. And they had brought the Surpa, a food source now in danger of extinction. The Ebens need help in the creation of a genetic hybrid, more suitable to thrive on their new home-world. But the beast held within the genetics lab at Lab 47 has escaped.
Out in a desert hide-a-way Ellie and Michael await, surveying, preparing to enter the secret genetics Lab 47 under the darkness of night. But the escaped Surpa had made its lair nearby, and the military had finally caught up with it. Under a maze of confusion from the assault, Ellie falls prey to a cloud of knockout gas.
Now under government authority Ellie learns her fate. Betrayed by Michael, she faces the option, “Join us and become caretaker to both the dogs and hybrids, or live out your life as a ‘sheep-dipped’ detainee.”
Michael’s conscience forces him to question his allegiance. An escape is planned, with hopes of rescuing Ellie with some of her dogs.
But when the Greys infiltrate the base’s lab searching for technology to steal, and the male Surpa jumps the security fence to find its mate caged within, Lab 47 turns quickly into a warzone.
With bullets flying, Ellie confronts the angry male Surpa. And as all hope of freedom for Charley and herself fades, nothing could prepare Ellie for what was about to happen next…
THE CRYSTAL WEB is a present-day fictionalized drama with ties to historical events relating to Project Crystal Knight (1965) a top-secret project considered factual by numerous UFO factions. Along with two personal experiences (one while in the U.S. Navy), the debatable reality used as a backdrop for this story provides a delightful air of credibility.