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In the Maine backwoods a vivacious lass faces uncertain death when she joins forces with an obnoxious side-kick to seek out and destroy a 4,000-year-old demon.

Synopsis: GARDEN of the SOULTAKER by Alan G Button

Sabrina and Copper discover hidden records more than 100-years-old, referencing the deaths of people and animals falling into old farm wells. And when local newspapers begin to publish events of the same nature, the curiosity of these two teenagers is too much to ignore.
It is not long before the teens, connected at the hip by a path of spiritual enlightenment, get in over their heads. Across the central Maine land-scape they find a circle of prehistoric hand-dug wells, some twenty-miles across, where an ancient evil has been set loose.

And when a mysterious shaman finds his way into their mother's heart, portraying the life of a deputy sheriff, but yet connected by ancestry to an ancient people, no one can foresee the events he has planned for mom and the two children. Sacrifices must be made.

A confrontation, where Sabrina must save her mom, and where Copper may well face his own futility -- a battle will ensue -- between Nature, the innocence of youth, and a demon created by the sacrificial spirits of shamans eons ago.

Following Dance of the Firewalker, Garden of the Soultaker continues the exploits of Sabrina, her mom Emily, and Copper. Now they delve into the darker side of Native American beliefs, where an egocentric maniac, using black magic, may change the coarse history.