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I was born and raised in eastern Canada. I am a retired engineer and I live in southeast Alberta. I have been writing fiction all of my life. I self-published an historical fiction novel about 25 years ago, which sold over 900 of its 1,000 copies.

I wish to have an agency represent me for this unpublished screenplay.

The logline here is: Suppose that a specially gifted boy can read the secret information in dolphins’ songs, and that it leads to astonishing technological revelations between dolphins and the human race?

I have the completed six-episode screenplay for this story.


Corey Sheppard, a severely autistic boy living in western Newfoundland, has the ability of understanding dolphin songs, which contain buried secrets. Dolphins are using him as a contact with humans for a special purpose. His parents, Ryan and Kelly, make their living as fishermen and one day, Corey observes the dolphins that come near their boat. His special senses plunge him into the secret world beneath the waves. He discovers that he is able to understand the cetacean sounds, as if the sounds were pictures, but he has no idea why, and he has difficulties expressing this to anyone. Max Wheeler, his uncle and an amateur oceanographer, notices and with the boy’s help, tries to figure out the language of the dolphins. So begins the revelation of an underwater conspiracy aimed at humans, and it bears hints of being alien.
Corey falls into a near-fatal coma after witnessing a dolphin’s death; then he loses his parents at sea. Max thinks that Corey can see the symbolism of the dolphin language as floating icons of technology. Max contacts the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts. Peter McGuin, a resident scientist who accepts a visit to Newfoundland, is astounded by Corey, who seems to summon dolphins at will. McGuin’s young daughter, Megan, also autistic, understands Corey’s world. Both Max and Peter are convinced that Corey is on the threshold of breaking the dolphin language code, and that the code is off-world. Dolphins are attempting to communicate with humans to share their alien science. But unnoticed by them, the orca whales are also monitoring everything and making their own plans.
Visiting Cape Cod and the Woods Hole institute, Corey’s abilities are put through several tests. Corey's strange translations of the dolphin sounds turn out to be a compilation of genuine high-level data streams. Wheeler and McGuin have a theory: the cetaceans are carrying a super-high technology inside their language. Yet these creatures have no technology. It’s an enigma. But soon, the Woods Hole experts believe that Corey is a gateway by whom the dolphins will deliver them a window into their hidden domain. They begin to peel back layers and layers of new science. It’s a giant structure at many levels, bound with a helix of submerged data on every subject. And the orcas are onto them at every step.
When they finally link DNA samples to the dolphin sonograms, the experts are astounded by its depth and reach. So traumatic that Corey is thrown into another near-death coma. Corey slowly recovers and goes back to sea in Newfoundland with Max. Wheeler thinks the dolphins are now using Corey to pass information through him to the specialists to appropriate.
While out in the gulf, Wheeler uses a small harpoon to attach a special chip into a male dolphin, Achille Eleven, at the pod’s request. Achilles’ departs, but their boat is attacked by two rogue killer whales and the three of them are dumped into the sea. The captain drowns and the boat and equipment are lost, but Corey and Chris are individually protected by dolphins until they are picked up by the coast guard. Both of them are taken by helicopter to Newfoundland, glad to be alive.