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A tale of a Midwest family traveling to the West

April 26, 2021

Dear Sir,

We have written a screenplay “Road to Jericho”. We would like to submit for your consideration.

If you are interested in reading the script, length 120 pages, we would gladly send you a copy.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Genre: Early 19th century Western

Logline: A tale of a Midwest family traveling to the West

Early in the 20th century the entire country is experience hard times economically except for most gold mining towns in the west and the town of Jericho. Austin Knight the father of a family from the small town of Michigan City, Indiana decides to move his family to the town of Jericho, California where his brother Henry is a principle stockholder in a mine with rich quartz vines of gold. Austin leaves his wife Della and two kids, Ellen and Joel, hoping to make his fortune in California. Once established, he plans to send for his family. Things go array and the family is forced to separate on their way west. Lynching, train wreck, outlaws and romance is encountered along the way. Will the Knight family ever reach Jericho?

Bud was a mechanical engineer and has also written and produced a stage-play.
Ann Wynant and Bud are both college graduates . Ann was a 7-12 school teacher at Portola High School for 39 years.

Ann Wynant

Bud Buczkowske

PO Box 157
Portola, Callifornia