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Please allow me to pitch this Television Series.


Genre-Adaptation: An Modern American version of:

The Adventures of Heidi

Set in Denver Colorado and The Rocky Mountains.


Allie (10-12) befriends Sonia (13-14) a wealthy wheel-chair bound preteen girl, who through love and devotion encourage each other to overcome life’s obstacles. Sonia helps
Allie gain personal confident through proper education and Allie (a tom-boy)gives Sonia the will-power to stand and to possibly walk again.

Genre:  A Light Family Drama  

ALLIE (10-13),an orphan girl is raised and home-schooled by her AUNT DOTTIE in the Colorado Rockies. They constantly travel the mountain basin resorts doing cabin housekeeping for a property management company.
At one point Allie must stay with her grandfather RAYMOND (Grandpa Raymie 60-65) in his small cabin high in the mountains. Allie loves the outdoors and loves staying with her Grandpa Raymie.
Aunt Dottie hears of a job in a house that needs of a housekeeper PLUS A COMPANION for a handicap girl in Denver. Dottie returns for Allie, they interview for the job and are hired.
Allie becomes a companion to SONIA (12-14), a wealthy handicap girl, daughter of State Representative Chris Lecroix. Allie is to help Sonia with her daily routines and light exercises prescribed for Sonia’s weak legs.
Sonia teaches Allie to be refine and cultured and Allie teaches Sonia to enjoy the outdoors.
Aunt Dottie takes Allie to visit her Grandpa Raymie up in the Rocky Mountains during their time off from work . Allie continues to gets very close to her Grandpa.
The small mountain community ‘Highland Park’ decides to build a ski resort on land that has been in Grandpa Raymie’s family since the early-1900’s. Grandpa does not want to sell or lease his mountain top land for fear that traffic population will destroy the beauty of the land. His longtime neighbors begin to treat Grandpa badly. They refuse to do business with him when he comes down the mountain for supplies. No one will sell him groceries or gas for his truck and generators. The community sues Grandpa Raymond forcing him to lease his land.
Back in Denver, Allie and Sonia become great friends.
Sonia has been treated with a series of experimental stem-cell procedures that require a full month of recuperation time.
Allie invites Sonia to stay with Grandpa Raymie in the mountains for a while during the summer break and Sonia’s recuperation.
Sonia’s doctors agreed that some clean mountain air may be good for Sonia during the recuperation. Sonia and Allie are allowed and so excited to get to live in Grandpa’s mountain for a few weeks.
At the cabin Grandpa Raymie assigns the usual house and farm chores to Allie and Sonia, who is to assist as best she can. In time Sonia begins to feel stronger and miraculously has a slight sensation in her feet. Allie and Sonia intensify Sonia’s exercises and with much difficulty Sonia is able to move her toes.
1st Season Cliffhander:
After a few weeks at the mountain Sonia feels much stronger. Grandpa Raymie builds a outdoor parallel bar (gymnastics) where Allie and Sonia exercise and get Sonia to slowly stand and take small steps.
Sonia’s Daddy (The State Rep), Sonia’s Grandmother and her personal Doctor are invited to Grandpa’s mountain.
Because of Allie and Sonia’s love for each other, Grandpa Raymie begins to have a change of heart and will lease his land.
Grandpa Raymie explains the land dispute to Sonia’s father (the State Representative) who works out a good deal for Raymie and the township, making everyone happy.
In appreciation for Allie’s lovely friendship, Sonia’s prestigious Lecroix family welcomes Allie as a daughter and Sonia’s little sister forever.

I have the first three episodes of the 1st season:
(One hour episodes - can be divided into 1/2 hour episodes)

Pilot Episode: The Mountain
2nd Episode: Grandpa Raymie
3rd Episode: Denver

Included I have ideas and cliff-hangers for the 2nd and 3rd seasons. 

I can send: The Complete 1st, 2nd, 3rd Episodes
and Release Form

Jim Marshall PhD. 
505 Thunderbird Dr.
El Paso Texas 79912